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In-Booth Presentations

Trade Show Presenter Emilie Barta's In-booth Presentations

Get qualified decision makers out of the aisle and into your booth

Convention Television

Host Emilie Barta's Convention Television

Engage + educate your online community through the power of video

Exhibitor Marketing Videos

Host Emilie Barta's Trade Show Exhibitor Marketing Videos

Harness the power of video to promote your message + inspire your audience to take action

Virtual + Hybrid Events

Hybrid Event Consultant + Virtual Emcee Emilie Barta's Virtual Events + Hybrid Events

Allow the “audience unable to attend” to still participate in your event

I met Emilie Barta when we decided to do a 3 day, Ted Talks type of live stage event at our yearly conference. We had never undertaken anything like this and were completely out of our depth. In all honestly, we could not have done it without her! In our very first meeting she had us organized with a much better understanding of what we needed to do to bring this to fruition. I remember leaving that meeting both overwhelmed and peaceful. Overwhelmed because Emilie had given us a real look at all the work ahead of us; peaceful because we felt that we were in good hands. She clearly knew what she was doing and was more than willing to take on as much responsibility as we wanted to give her, even if it was not technically in her job description. Emilie is a PRO! 

Sandra Felkner, Sponsorship & Advertising Manager; Western Veterinary Conference

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