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Emilie Barta gets recognition + results for exhibitors on the trade show floor


Today’s trade show exhibitor faces several challenges.

  • how to get attendees out of the aisle and into their booth
  • how to cut through the noise on the trade show floor to get their message heard
  • how to generate qualified leads in a condensed period of time
  • how to keep their sales staff focused while on booth duty
  • how to prove the ROI of their trade show presence to executive management

Emilie Barta provides integrated trade show marketing solutions with proven results.

At today’s trade show, exhibitors struggle to get the attention of attendees, especially when their heads are buried in their devices. On top of that, sales staff are skilled at having conversations, but inconsistent at starting them. Think of the qualified leads that you captured, but realize the even larger amount of missed opportunities that you did not engage walking past your booth.

Emilie + her team of trade show pros act as an extension of your company, and get you recognition + results on the trade show floor… allowing you to relax and enjoy a successful show!

In-booth PresentationsTrade Show Presenter Emilie Barta, In booth Presentations: Get qualified decision makers out of the aisle and into your booth through a custom presentation or demonstration. How? Emilie works with you from the initial concept of your audience engagement experience…through the development of your messaging + scripting…to acting onsite as the physical manifestation of your brand. Results? Emilie and her team of trade show pros increase your qualified lead count, lower your cost per lead, and start your sales cycle on the trade show floor. Find out more about in-booth presentations here

Emilie Barta, Exhibitor Marketing VideosExhibitor Marketing Videos: Drive attendees to your booth and engage non-attendees through custom marketing videos. How? Emilie works with you from the initial strategic conversations…through the video planning process…to acting onsite as your host/interviewer…to assisting you with distribution. Results? Emilie and her crew increase traffic to your booth, provide brand recognition + start conversations about your products/services, and help you increase sales through videos shot on the trade show floor. Find out more about exhibitor marketing videos here

Virtual Emcee Emilie Barta, In-booth BroadcastsIn-booth Broadcasts: Expand your trade show presence to non-attendees of the show through custom in-booth broadcasts. How? Emilie works with you from the initial strategic conversations…through the planning + design of your online event experience…to acting onsite as your virtual emcee/interviewer…to guiding you along the re-purposing process. Results? Emilie and her live streaming partners increase the size of your overall audience, boost interactions with your company/products/services, and engage potential customers live from the trade show floor. Find out more about in-booth broadcasts here

Trade Show Marketing Consultant Emilie Barta, Trade Show Exhibition ConsultingTrade Show Exhibition Consulting: Get your questions answered, brainstorm new + innovative ideas, and work out the kinks through phone consultations and document creations. How? Emilie works with you on trade show marketing, trade show messaging, attendee engagement, booth staffing, experiential exhibit design, social media marketing, or whatever else you are stumped about. Results? Emilie provides executable solutions to your problems + frustrations; introduces you to cost efficient partners; and organizes your people, products, and procedures so that you have an efficient exhibition plan. Consulting is done by the project, by the package, or by the hour, so contact Emilie with your needs and your business objectives.


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