In-booth Broadcasts


Expand your trade show presence to non-attendees of the show


Virtual Emcee Emilie Barta, In-booth Broadcasts


What are in-booth broadcasts?

A trade show marketing tactic that increases the size of your overall audience, boosts interactions with your company/products/services, and engages potential customers.


Top 3 reasons why exhibitors hire Emilie Barta for their in-booth broadcasts:

1. Emilie knows how to capture the excitement of your trade show presence and broadcast it online

Emilie provides a sense of inclusion to those not physically present at an event, cementing their commitment to your organization. This engagement begins even prior to showtime as Emilie consults on broadcast design, scheduling, speaker training, marketing tools, AV needs, and the ever-important post-show followup and measurement. Emilie’s familiarity with both physical and virtual audience behaviors as well as her experience in front of the camera and on stage are the keys she uses to unlock the power of in-booth broadcasts for all involved.
~ Dana Freker Doody, Vice President of Corporate Communications
The Expo Group

2. Emilie has bright ideas, and knows how to implement them

Emilie is a pioneer and thought leader in the in-booth broadcast space. Not only does she have creative and innovative ideas, but she puts them to work. I’m sure that virtual audience members across the globe would agree.
~Dennis Shiao, Director of Product Marketing

3. Emilie is the Queen of Engagement

Emilie brings a tremendous amount of passion and dedication to her work. I have never seen anyone else do exactly what she does professionally (and seemingly so effortlessly): she can simultaneously engage both physical and virtual audiences, and keep people involved, interested, and actively participating. And she can do this at the drop of a hat for any topic! Emilie is able to speak to a crowd but make each individual feel like she is personally speaking to them. And she is genuinely interested in their replies!
~ Danalynne Menegus, Product Marketing Director

See Emilie Barta’s in-booth broadcasts:

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  • Presidential Priorities at APWA Congress (Emilie Barta, Hybrid Event Consultant/ Virtual Emcee)
  • Woonerfs for Traffic Calming at APWA Congress (Emilie Barta, Hybrid Event Consultant/Virtual Emcee)
  • FHWA: Federal Aid Simplified at APWA Congress (Emilie Barta, Hybrid Event Consultant/Virtual Emcee)
  • Using Platform Tools + Social Media + Virtual Emcee to Engage Virtual Audiences During Hybrid Events
  • Peter Eelman's Welcome to IMTS 2012 on IMTSTV (Emilie Barta, Host / Reporter)
  • IMTS 2012 Industry I Technology Update on IMTSTV (Emilie Barta, Host / Reporter)
  • Trade Show Tips for IMTS 2012 Attendees + Exhibitors on IMTSTV (Emilie Barta, Host / Reporter)
  • Local Motors Rally Fighter Build at IMTS 2012 on IMTSTV (Emilie Barta, Host / Reporter)


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