Hybrid Events


Allow “the audience unable to attend” to still participate in your event


Virtual Emcee Emilie Barta, Hybrid Events


What are hybrid events?

An attendee engagement tactic that increases the size of your overall audience, extends the life of your event, and creates new revenue streams through a participatory educational experience + conversations across multiple platforms.


Top 3 reasons why associations + show organizers hire Emilie Barta for their hybrid events:

1. Emilie knows how to create an interactive event…online
You know that hybrid events are more than just logistics and vendor negotiations, but you don’t know where to begin. I know how to put all the puzzle pieces together to create a visually stimulating, engaging, and interactive hybrid experience.

On screen, Emilie is energetic, personable, and believable — and amazingly cool under pressure. What viewers did not see directly, but got to experience, was the result of her expert advice before the event on what we presented to the public. She has an instinctive insight of what will play well on screen and what will engage an audience, so she acted as guard rails to ensure we had a phenomenal event. And as a veteran of countless hybrid events, she steered us to the best solution for our budget for production and webcasting. Bring in Emilie early, listen to her advice, and your hybrid event will be the better for it.
~ Michael Thimmesch, Director of Customer Engagement
Skyline Exhibits

2. Emilie has bright ideas, and knows how to implement them
You know WHAT you want to do, but you don’t know HOW to do it. I can turn your ideas into a plan, and then provide executable solutions to serve all your wants and needs which enables you to connect with your audience no matter where they are located.

Emilie is a pioneer and thought leader in the hybrid events space. Not only does she have creative and innovative ideas, but she puts them to work. I’m sure that virtual audience members across the globe would agree.
~Dennis Shiao, Director of Product Marketing

3. Emilie is the Queen of Engagement
Your virtual audience demands to be an active participant of your hybrid event, not just a passive viewer. I know the methods, activities, and tools to keep your virtual audience glued to your content. And I know the techniques necessary to be trusted as their buddy in the room through the role of Virtual Emcee.

Emilie brings a tremendous amount of passion and dedication to her work. I have never seen anyone else do exactly what she does professionally (and seemingly so effortlessly): she can simultaneously engage both physical and virtual audiences, and keep people involved, interested, and actively participating. And she can do this at the drop of a hat for any topic! Emilie is able to speak to a crowd but make each individual feel like she is personally speaking to them. And she is genuinely interested in their replies!
~ Danalynne Menegus, Product Marketing Director

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